Awards Nominations

Addressing Health Inequalities - Sponsored by Content Guru

Patient Engagement - Sponsored by Advanced

Patient Engagement: Recognises the benefits of working with patients to understand how services are delivering and should deliver. Takes account of the views of patients and makes changes to meet patient needs. Receives commendations from patients.

The following submissions were received for Patient Engagement:

Quality and Safety Initiative - Sponsored by Lockton

Quality and Safety Initiative: Demonstrates a change in safety and/or quality systems that delivered improvement. The change would have been justified by evidence that previous systems may not have been optimised and shown to be effective by some form of audit/analysis that demonstrated the improvement.

The following submissions were received for Quality and Safety Initiative:

Social Impact - Sponsored by RotaMaster

Social Impact: Recognises the purpose of social value, identifies how benefits can be achieved, implements a plan that realises social value. Makes it part of the ethos of the organisation.

The following submissions were received for Social Impact:

Outstanding Patient Safety Culture

In addition to the Award categories above, UHUK regonised the top 4 organisations who demonstrated Outstanding Patient Safety Culture:

  • Brisdoc Healthcare
  • Cumbria Health on Call
  • Mastercall Healthcare