Our mission, values and strategy


To build our collective capability so we provide exceptional integrated and urgent primary care and the very best possible health outcomes to more people through Social Enterprise.

VISION - WHERE we want to get to by 2025

Actively shaping NHS policy and leading the local implementation of best practice as a recognised Centre of Excellence for Integrated and Urgent Primary Care.

MISSION - WHAT we are going to do to make our vision a reality

Harnessing our combined resources and expertise to attract and inspire collaborative innovation, enterprise and improvement within and across UK health and care systems.

OUR VALUES - ‘HOW’ we will behave

PATIENT FOCUSED - “We enhance the capacity of our members to provide the best possible care for their patients.”

PROFESSIONAL - “We produce work of high quality and to the best of our ability in everything we do.”

INCLUSIVE - “We celebrate and champion diversity, seeking out and respecting all viewpoints.”

EFFECTIVE - “Our work is Member led and supports their delivery of high-quality patient centred care and positive social impact for communities.” 

RESPONSIVE - “We actively listen to Members and partners needs and respond quickly and positively.”

ENGAGING - “We encourage and foster active involvement and mutual aid and support between Members.”